With the rise in popularity of fitness in general and awareness of heart health coupled with the digital age we are now witnessing an explosion in wellness technology from ECG Monitors to Blood Pressure Watches. The demand for health ‘on the go’ is certainly increasing with our busy lifestyles.

With this trend in mind we wanted to review one of the world’s first Medical Grade ECG Monitor, the QardioCore. The ECG chest strap is not only comfortable to wear but also water resistant meaning far fewer limitations and thus encouraging patient compliance. This product has been specifically designed for athletes helping them to improve their performance and help optimize their training but also those living with a heart condition that need to continually monitor their heart health.

The monitor is based around QardioCore’s revolutionary sensor technology that produces clinically accurate heart activity monitoring at any time of day and anywhere. This product seems to have been built and designed around modern day lifestyles.

Along with its ability to continuously record ECG data, the monitor also tracks heart rate and heart rate variability, skin temperature, respiratory rate and activity tracking – this offers your healthcare provider far greater insight into your heart and overall general health.

As well as all of this the monitor is clinically validated and has won awards for its design due to its comfort levels and everyday use. The real-time data sharing and analysis, QardioCore offers a new way of chronic condition and sports performance management.

Please visit our product page: https://www.wellnostics.com/qardiocore-wireless-continuous-electrocardiograph-ecgekg-monitor-medical-grade for more information.

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