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My Diabetes

We at Wellnostics have vast experience in Diabetic care for lower limb and have seen how this disease can be devastating in UK, Asia and Middle East. We have a real passion in making the lives of the Diabetic easier - it played a big role in why and how we established Wellnostics.

The prevalence of diabetes is increasing with an estimate of 5 million people in UK by 2025 and 500 million people globally.  Improved glucose control is fundamental to reduce both long-term micro- and macrovascular complications and short-term complications, such as diabetic ketoacidosis and severe hypoglycaemia. 

Frequent blood glucose monitoring is an essential part of diabetes management. However, almost all available blood glucose monitoring devices are invasive. This determines a reduced patient compliance, which in turn reflects negatively on glucose control. Therefore, there is a need to develop non-invasive glucose monitoring devices that will reduce the need of invasive procedures, thus increasing patient compliance and consequently improving quality of life and health of patients with diabetes. We want to make sure we are guiding you as the technology changes and options vary. The next few years are going to see many move away from finger tip testing. We want to make the technology as accessible to all of you as possible.