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Greentest Eco 5 Food Nitrate & Water Hardness Monitor

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Greentest determines the content of nitrates in vegetables and fruits. The operating principle of the nitrate device GREENTEST is based on measuring the electrical conductivity of the fruit or vegetable. Each fruit or vegetable contains ions of salts of potassium, sodium, magnesium and fluoride. Using GREENTEST for measuring conductivity of fruits and vegetables, we can determine the number of ions of salts.

GREENTEST devices are calibrated on the basis of comparative results of the device and laboratory equipment. The analyses conducted in the certified laboratories showed that the component of nitrate ions typically account for over 98% of all conductive salts found in fruits and vegetables. The effect of ions on the final measurements of other salts is less than 2%, which is insignificant for our purposes.

According to the laboratory results, we have inserted in GREENTEST devices a number of dependencies of the measured conductivity on the concentration of nitrate ions, defined for various fruits and vegetables.

GREENTEST shows the result of express-analysis as the concentration of nitrate ions and it’s comparison with the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) for the product which is measured.

The accuracy of GREENTEST measurements on nitrate content is 90%. This accuracy has been certified through a rigorous testing by international laboratories and specialized institutions.

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  • Greentest Eco5 is a device for quick test of nitrates in fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and water (3 Sec.), as well as for background radioactivity levels test (10 Sec.) and detection of objects, food, building materials and other items contaminated with radioactive elements.
  • For measurement of beta -, gamma - and X-ray radiation, a highly sensitive Geiger Müller tube installed. Display of µSv/h and mR/hr.
  • Of all the substances that are transferred to fruit and vegetables from fertilizers, nitrates are the most harmful if excess amounts are regularly consumed. Continuous intake of foods with high nitrate content may lead to an elevated risk of intestinal cancer, methemoglobinemia, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease or nitrate poisoning.
  • The device is equipped with a database of 60 most common fruits and vegetables, and is calibrated on the basis of more than 1000 research in leading laboratories using spectrometric equipment.
  • Easy to use with 2.4 "touchscreen display, display language: English, German, French, Arabic, Italian. Greentest Video: https://youtu.be/NUqjkLoJy98?t=3
Nitrate measurement range0 – 9999 mg/kg
The range of background radiation, µSv / h (µR / h)0 – 9.99 (999.9)
Indication level range of the cumulative dose, µSv (µR)0 – 999.99 (0 – 99999)
Measurement time~ 3 sec.
Innacuracy of measurement<10 %
Power sourceLi-Ion battery
Battery capacity720 mАh
Additional power sourceUSB
USB charge current310 mA
USB power supply5V
Usage timeup to 20 hours
Dimensions122х52х14 mm
TFT color display resolution320х240
Operating temperature0 – +60 °С

The portable and easy to use Greentest device is an express 3-in-1 nitrate, water hardness and background radiation detector. By simply pressing the START button, you can determine in just 3 seconds the amount of nitrates in the food you eat and total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water you drink. Within 10 seconds you can also determine the background radiation levels of your immediate environment and particular objects. For better accuracy while conducting a nitrates test, we recommend you take into account the following measuring tips:

Testing tropical fruit, pomes and other fruits

Including: Pineapple, Jack Fruit, Citrus fruits, Kiwi, Pitaya, Banana, Star fruit (Carambola), Longan, Peach, Mangosteen, Mango, Apple, Pear, Strawberry, Grape.

All fruits in this category can be tested on any side by submerging the probe completely into the skin of the fruit. For very small fruit such as strawberries and grapes, only the first insertion can provide an accurate result. Due to cell destruction after the first measurement, subsequent measurements will provide an innacurate result.
Fruits with big stone(s) or seed(s) should be tested very carefully so the pin of the probe does not touch or comes close to the seed.

Step by step guide
  • remove the green cap
  • first clean the probe with a wet and then with a dry tissue
  • switch on the device
  • every time you switch on the device, a calibration is performed, so ensure that the probe is clean and it is not inserted into the testing product
  • refer to settings for “units of weight” and convenient usage
  • choose the product you are going to test from the device list
  • now you can insert the probe into the product, the insertion depth should be full or above 10mm, the tip of the probe should be inserted into the solid mass (flesh) the tip should not come out of the plant, or be inserted into seeds, pits, or inner cavities
  • press the “Start Test” button and hold the device steady during measurement
  • wait 3 seconds and get the result

Refer to below instruction on how to conduct accurate testing without any mistakes for every type of product.

Package contents: 

• Greentest Eco5 Portable Nitrate and Radiation Detector 

• USB cable 

• User manual 

• Warranty card

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