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Kinetik Health Sense Kit - Bluetooth Scales, BPM & Activity Tracker

Kinetik Wellbeing
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The Kinetik Health Sense Kit is a new way to track your key health statistics and turn that information into a real understanding of what they mean for you.

" Fantastic all in one health kit"
" It's a no-brainer - I love it!"
 "Perfect for weight loss .... Here's why !!"
" A greater whole!!"

  • Weight Management - Track your weight changes to help make the right lifestyle choices
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring - Understand your blood pressure and work with your support network to reduce the risk factors (such as heart disease and stroke).
  • Track Your Daily Activity - Small improvements in your daily exercise levels can improve your health. Set goals and targets yourself.
  • Sleep Monitoring - Understanding the quality of your sleep can go beyond boosting your mood, it can positively benefit your heart and weight too.

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Health Devices Bundled

The first to bundle all the health devices you actually need

The Kinetik Health Sense Kit is a new way to track your key health statistics and turn that information into a real understanding of what they mean for you.

Kinetik provides you with the best combination of devices to support people with a variety of conditions.

Everything you need to track your stats

Our devices use the latest technology to assess and record your most important health measures.

Why is Tracking Health Vital to a Long & Happy Life?

It is well known that high blood pressure, weight gain, lack of exercise and poor sleep can have a significant impact on our long term health. 

Although we often think about each of these problems in isolation, they are in fact inter-related and can impact on each other. More importantly the possible consequences, for example heart problems, so anyone who is not managing their total health will be significantly increasing their risk levels.

So whether you have decided this is the time to start looking after your health better or you have a specific health problem that you want to address, this could be your first step to managing your most important health measures better and taking control of your long term well-being.

Health Sense App--Track, Monitor & Share

Record your activity, medication and other health readings

The Kinetik Health app powered by Caros, will give you a complete picture of your vital health measures and help you understand your progress, all in the one place for life.

Taking your measurements is easy and once done, your health statistics are uploaded via Bluetooth to your personal, easy to read, dashboard where all of your data is backed up and stored securely. 

You can access your personal information via the internet any time and on any device you choose.

Graphs show progress and sharing is easy. No more writing results and taking your notepad to the Dr

  • Invite trusted supporters to help encourage you
  • Send and recieve messages from your care network--stay in touch
  • Get social--motivation is everything, share your progress
Features of Health Sense

Download on IoS / Android free. Powered by Caros

  • The system needs your email address for create a secure profile (SSL Encrypted)
  • Only you or the supporters in your Care Network can access your profile. Neither Kinetik or Caros access this data.
  • The system is intended for lifestyle and wellbeing improvement and shouldn't be used for clinical purposes
  • Always follow the direction of you doctor for any specific concerns

Kinetik Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

The Blood Pressure Monitor is designed to make it simple to regularly check your blood pressure and upload your measurements directly to the Kinetik Health App.

Features include:

Accurate – with irregular heartbeat detector. Tested to ESH standards.

Easy to read – large display.

Convenient – pair via Bluetooth 4.0 with your phone or tablet.

Universal cuff – fits all sizes from 22-42cm

Simple to use - place the cuff on your upper arm, level with your heart. Press start and relax as the cuff automatically inflates. Your measurement will be displayed and uploaded to your paired device.

Memory – stores the last 60 readings if you have not had time to synchronize with the app.

Kinetik Bluetooth Activity Tracker

The Activity Tracker will measure your activity throughout the day plus help you to understand your sleep patterns and quality.

Features include:


Daytime - measures steps, distance, and calories

Night time – measures the quality of your sleep including restlessness and waking.

Convenient and comfortable – wear on your wrist.

Easy to use – pair via Bluetooth 4.0 with your phone or tablet.

Easy to understand – upload your results to your paired device to review over time.

Kinetik Bluetooth Digital Scales

Discreet and attractive, the Digital Scales will help you to record your weight and track changes over time.

Features Include:

Accurate – measures weight and records data.

Easy to use – ‘step on’ operation.

Easy to read – large display.

Single reading memory – if you are not able to upload measurement straight away

Convenient - pair via Bluetooth 4.0 with your phone or tablet to upload your results.

1 x Bluetooth Blood pressure monitor & cuff

1 x Activity Monitor

1 x Bluetooth Smart Scales

8 x Batteries included

Instruction manual

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