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Vision, Mission & Values


To Empower you, your family and friends and your colleagues to be health smart and live healthier happier lives.


To Employ, Educate, Source, Develop and Partner with the world’s leading Healthsmart innovators to provide intuitive and highly accessible personal health diagnostic solutions for any stage of life and to offer the most educated and value rich experience to our customers. 

We believe if the latest medical technology can improve compliance and make people’s lives easier and fun then they are more likely to be healthsmart themselves. This in turn creates an opportunity for healthcare providers to use their limited resources for the most pressing cases. 

Core Values

Be Trusted

To be trusted by our Customers for offering an accurate result and a no hassle experience. To be trusted by our Suppliers by being a focused hard working partner. To be trusted by our own Team by offering opportunities and experiences that will enrich their own lives.

Be Discrete

To worry about an unknown health niggle or issue for yourself or a loved one can be the most stressful time of a person’s life. Some people like to share their worries but most hide them away. We aim to be discrete in our data collection, be discrete our data storage, be discrete in our deliveries and external labelling and be discrete in our relationship.

Be Restless

Our founders quickly realised at the start of their careers in Technology, Healthcare, Sales and Marketing that the successful don’t rest or lean back. We love challenging our supply partners and developers to launch the latest technology. We love challenging our team to launch a constantly improving customer experience making our customers go Wow. We love challenging our team to reach new levels of excellence in all that they do. We love being restless to build a great company.

Be Healthsmart

Health smart is about being smart about your health – owning your own health and understanding your biometrics (Cholesterol, Food Intolerance, Glucose level) just like you understand your height or your weight. In a world where health care resources are getting smaller and the population is getting larger all of us are going to have to understand our health a lot more than we do now. It’s no longer good enough to rely on the doctor’s word alone. Wellnostics will bring you the technology in your own home and work to give you the power to make your own choices and decisions. Smart Health can be used to make sure you and your body is connected to forewarn you about any health issues and therefore prevent them happening or slowing them down.

Be Credible

In a world where it is very easy to self diagnose on Google we want to strive to make sure that all our advice, our products, our solution bundles, our kits, our content, our partners are rigorously backed up by the latest research. We have to be careful in this fast growing market to be guard ourselves against the wrong product decisions. We believe we are employing the right tactics to make this happen.

Be Accessible

Although we are run as a business and the sole aim of most businesses is to make a profit we are very aware that we make the right technology and the right solutions be accessible to all. This means offering the right priced solution no matter what your disposable income. Health Smart is for all.

Be First

Being first is about being the best, being here before everybody else, being here after everybody else, working hard and being first to the latest diagnostic or monitoring technology, being first to deliver the package, being first to make your customers and suppliers go wow, being first is leading the market and not following it, being first is being the best and wanting to stay there.